Lydsto R1

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The brand new era of stroboscopes like the Lydsto R1 begins and begins to become redundant by providing us with even higher options.

Lydsto R1

When these new options start and go into fashion the joy of all of us grows even bigger. These national upgraded fashions are extra at a great price!

Design of Lydsto R1

With most of the water, R1 covers a space of about 90 square meters of water. With average water, it reaches 120 square meters. Like Also Dedakj de-q1w

Lydsto R1 Design

With some water, it will probably accommodate a house of 150 square meters. It’s smarter than the rest of the old-fashioned stroboscopes; It just gives you information about your home where it can cope even when you are on the floor, at what level the house is going to “read”

Features of Lydsto R1

Here is a really welcome addition to R1 that performs it within the cash class, now we haven’t seen, Its algorithm, the laser it has, and the ones it has, are all upgraded and the sensors it carries, this method, mops correctly, rotate right at home and kicks left.

Lydsto R1 Design2

This is the best route to read, the place will probably find it while being careful and not to climb the stairs.

The battery of Lydsto R1

The Lydsto is a VFM case of the next-gen vacuum cleaner. An assistant in your home who doesn’t just sweep or mop. It’s so much more, Its goal is to make your life easier and all stroboscopes do it. With a 5200 mAh battery, the R1 can cater to 90% of homes in the market. You do not have the permission required to post.

Lydsto R1 Feature2

It can calculate how much battery it has left as a result of our vacuum cleaner. When it detects a low battery, spend it to get back in place, get back to its base, and keep wiping.

Performance of Lydsto R1

It has less noise, it does not bother much while working. Separately, it provides a three-range MOP with digital management in the house from a 250ml bucket and provides water dispersion in the house completely separately.

Lydsto R1 Performance

You can continue to wash/mop it wherever you need it, and it’s something else that you just don’t discover, you’re excited to see how important it is. Those of you who have had a strobe can understand me It can recognize the carpet and stop mopping when it goes over the carpet! Of course, it makes the most of its suction power to wash them as beautifully as possible.

Pros and Cons of Lydsto R1

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  • Intelligent Multi-map Memory
  • Fully Enclosed Dust Collection
  • General Arched Path Planning
  • Crossing Obstacles All-round LDS

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  • Problems with applications

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I want to let you know that I don’t work every day as a result of which I get annoyed by emptying it every time. This is why I am excited that this knowledge is increasingly being built into the broom.

Where I can buy Lydsto R1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

You can buy the best Lydsto R1 from online stores like Alibaba. Banggood,



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