Niubility B14

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We are talking about an electric bike that gives a stable development with our folding design and more interesting is a 400W motor that can continue 100 km autonomy with minimal pedaling. If you are interested in Niubility B14, you will move to an online Shope like Geekbuying. When it comes to e-bikes, there are several stable choices for supply in the Chinese market, such as the Fiido D11 or Same bike FIIDO D3S, and this time we will probably take a look at each other taking products that fall into the same category.

Niubility B14

Design of Niubility B14

This electric bike is a kind of compact, a thing that is characterized by its 14-inch wheel; We all know that no pot uses a 20-inch wheel or something like that. In this sequence of concepts, the bike has a folding arrangement of Niubility B14 to cut the area it occupies when storing or loading.

Niubility B14 design

It even has a carrying contract just below the seat tube. The bike measures 122 x 49 x 108 cm to 71 x 37 x 64 cm with only two steps to release the latches and fold the material. The weight remains clearly identical at 21.5 kg. We will begin by saying that the Niubility B14 represents a body made of an aluminum alloy profile that prevents construction. It may not be enchanting to everyone, but the folding mechanism is protected by a latch in the heart of the body.

Niubility B14 folding design

Meanwhile, again, we will discover a horizontal plane that can add a plot or trunk. However, it is not convenient to mount a second passenger on it, as the engine is not designed to withstand crowds better than 120kg.

Features of Niubility B14

Additionally, on the appropriate side of the handlebars, there is a small monochrome LCD; Which stands for battery, used to indicate current velocity; Additionally to correct between the three available pedaling assistance modes. An element that is appreciated for this quality varies. Throttle handlebars can also be the appropriate amount if you are asking. The Niubility B14 is powered by a reliable 400W brushless motor that can achieve speed.

Niubility B14 features

Climb more than 25 kilometers per hour and risk 25 levels with little hassle. However, it is an electric bike that does not have a gearbox and a torque sensor; Which starts with full paddle sensors According to the manufacturer, the 48V / 15Ah battery has a Niubility B14; A minimum of 65 km ride and 100 km with minimal pedaling assistance should be presented. However, customers agree that the true distance reduction in the application is reduced to 50 km and 80 km; Respectively, which laboratory tests are not actually unhealthy to remove; Roads that have holes and uneven surfaces.

Pros and Cons of Niubility B14

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  • Excellent Quality
  • 400W Motor
  • Three Modes Of Riding
  • Dual Brake System
  • Safer Riding
  • Folding Design
  • 48V 15AH lithium battery

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  • Complex parts
  • Battery life not so good

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The Niubility B14 is comparable to monitoring bizarre bikes. It is extra acceptable to the senses. This should not be an option. Second, gear shift design and pedal design perform the normal cycle.

Where to buy I can Niubility B14?

You can buy Niubility B14 from online stores like Banggood, Aliexpress, Gearbest, and Geekbuying.



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