XGIMI A2 vs A2 Pro: Which is The Best Laser Screen-Less TV?

XGIMI A2 vs A2 Pro: XGIMI A2 laser screen-less TV was launched. The product uses a 2 ° micro-Arac fuselage, metal housing with simple and excellent form. XGIMI launched its new 4K flagship laser TV, the XGIMI A2 Pro which has achieved a total increase in image quality, higher quality, and ease of use compared to previous generations.

XGIMI A2 vs A2 Pro

In hardware 0.2, 0.2: 1 projection ratio sentences, 15 cm can solidify 100-inch image, XGIMI uses a 4K show chip, 3840 * 2160dpi very high resolution. The XGIMI A2 Pro Laser TV has 4K ultra-high-definition resolution and a 100-inch display screen that allows you to see the latest sound.

XGIMI A2 feature

The machine’s projection ratio is 0.2: 1, a full 19 km away from the wall and 15 cm away from the floor of the screen can encourage large-sized images, and customers do not have to customize the TV cupboard individually.

DCI-P3 superluminal gamut, restore extra color. HDR 10 + HLG decoding with the extra authentic difference between light and dark. 4 * 15 Double Loudspeaker, 4 * NBR Bus Diaphragm Bus Extra Vital, 2L Air Spring, Outside Cavity, 8-Point Trapezoidal Correction Support.

XGIMI A2 design2
XGIMI A2 Pro design

It can enhance the image definition from readability, color, sound reduction, and some more features, thus presenting customers with an immersive image with high-quality efficiency. So addition, it gives you higher image quality for the 4K decision.

To satisfy a wide range of peripheral connections, XGIMI A2 is provided with a brand new technology of flagship processors, 30% enhancement of critical frequency efficiency, 3GB + 16GB ultra-large operation memorabilia, rich and full interface settings. XGIMI A2 Pro measured NTSC gamut is 7.7..7%, which can present lots of colors and fill it if you want to see it every day. The measured color temperature is 6738 OK, which may be very close to the normal value.

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