Xiaomi Mi Router AX6000Xiaomi Mi Router AX6000 Review | Specifications | Price | Features

On December 28, 2020, Xiaomi held a conference to launch the brand new Xiaomi Mi11, with this new smartphone the corporate has launched a brand new router called Xiaomi Mi Router AX6000. The new high-end router supports WiFi 6 enhanced efficiency.

Xiaomi Mi Router AX6000

Features of Xiaomi Mi Router AX6000

The new Xiaomi Mi Router AX6000 router comes with a 6000MB Wi-Fi charge. This is the best charge of any Xiaomi router to date. The router comes with 4K QAM with the full speed of 2500M community port.

Xiaomi Mi Router AX6000 review
Xiaomi Mi Router AX6000 review

Xiaomi Mi Router AX6000: High-Speed ​​WiFi 6

As a brand new technology in the WiFi generic space, WiFi 6 has greatly improved transmission charges, sine protection, and knowledge delay compared to the previous technology WiFi 5.

Xiaomi Mi Router AX6000 network
Xiaomi Mi Router AX6000 network

Xiaomi Mi Router AX6000: High-speed transmission

Second, the Xiaomi Mi Router AX6000 may be the world’s first to support the most advanced 4K KAM high-speed transmission efficiency ever.

Xiaomi Mi Router AX6000: Confidential distribution community

As a community center for good housing, the Xiaomi Router AX6000 can also introduce unique skills for the Xiaomi AIOT ecosystem. The Xiaomi Mi Router AX6000 comes with a lot of memory of 512MB and supports simultaneous access to 248 gadgets.

Xiaomi Mi Router AX6000 Router

Exclusive e-sports mode for nationwide server cellular sports, benefiting from ultra-short latency of e-sports. Foreign Services World Node Protection, Secure Acceleration of Owned IDC PC Room and Fight PK Soon. Also, the Xiaomi Router AX6000 can intelligently place Xiaomi / Redmi cellphones, open unique acceleration channels at gaming events, and scale enough to delay and freeze sports.

Xiaomi Mi Router AX6000: Big signal

Perfect not only the speed of the community but also the Xiaomi Mi Router AX6000 performs very effectively in terms of additional sign protection and durability.

Pros and Cons of Xiaomi Mi Router AX6000


  • independent AIoT antenna
  • 2500M network port configuration is comprehensive
  • 4*4: maximum speed is up to 1733Mbps
  • LAN Data Rate: 1000Mbps


Faced with the phenomena of use by enthusiastic gamers, the Xiaomi Mi Router AX6000 supports every Tencent and Netz Sports Accelerator. Providing 108-day and 90-day premium subscriptions, respectively, complete protection of multi-terminal video games related to consoles, handhelds, PCs, and cellphones, double acceleration guarantee.

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