xTool D1 Pro Review | Is Really The Best Laser Engraver?

xTool D1 Pro is an improvement to its earlier mannequin, xTool D1. The Pro model has some upgrades in its construction, laser module, software program, and electronics.

Since its launch, it has become one of the most successful machines among diode laser engravers. Thanks to their 20W laser module.

This is an in-depth evaluation of the xTool D1 Pro laser engraver. I reviewed it on measurement, materials functionality, transmission, meeting, upgrades, etc. I’ve additionally contrasted it with their earlier mannequin.

xTool D1 Pro Price Comparison



xTool D1 Pro

  • $699.99
<strong><br>xTool D1 Pro</strong>



xTool D1 Pro

  • $759.99
<strong><br>xTool D1 Pro</strong>



xTool D1 Pro

  • $1,199.99
<strong><br>xTool D1 Pro</strong>



xTool D1 Pro

  • $669.99
<strong><br>xTool D1 Pro</strong>



Product Title

  • $1020.46
Product Title


xTool D1 Pro Video

xTool D1 Pro Review

Size & Build of D1 Pro

xTool D1 Pro is an open-frame desktop laser engraver. Its frames are made from extruded aluminum, and the linear rails and wheels are made from metal.

The work space measures 16.93" x 15.75" x 2" (430 x 400 x 50 mm) on the 5W and 10W models of xTool D1 Pro, but on the 20W it’s 16.93" x 15.35" x 2" (430 x 390 x 50 mm).

The workspace on the 20W mannequin is decreased because the laser module is relatively bulkier than the opposite modules.

Compared to well-liked laser engraving machines like Atomstack A20 Pro, Atomstack X7 Pro xTool D1 has a bigger workspace.

Laser Module

When the laser beam has a compressed spot measurement, there will probably be a better vitality density due to energy focus. This, in flip, permits for high-resolution engravings and deep cuts on supplies.

For instance, with the 20W laser module, you can reduce 10mm basswood and 8mm acrylic in a single move. The 20W laser module has 4 5W diode lasers inside. Beams from these lasers are mixed to provide output energy of 20W.

20W laser module of tool D1 Pro

Comparatively, the Xtool D1 is my most popular possibility resulting from higher general reliability and buyer assistance.

Endurance lasers additionally supply a 20W diode laser setup. However, they use two separate 10W laser modules connected to an adapter to offer mixed excessive output energy.

Material Capability

Remember, because the laser’s output energy will increase, you can work on related materials much sooner, thereby increasing your productiveness.

For instance, with the 20W model of xTool D1 Pro, you can engrave a workpiece at twice the pace that the 10W can obtain.

Interestingly, with the 20W laser module on xTool D1 Pro, you can too engrave in colors on metals like stainless steel.

It works by oxidizing the floor layer of the metallic and exposing it to the laser beam at completely different speeds and feeds. The color varies depending on the engraving settings. You can discover more about how the machine performed within the testing outcomes.

Transmission/Linear Drive

For adjusting the laser focus alongside the Z-axis, you may loosen the laser module and transfer it up or down, relying on the fabric thickness, but it surely has one of many best focusing mechanisms seen on a diode laser.

xTool D1 Pro has built a brand new characteristic where you can alter the peak of the main target to account for the completely different depths you are attempting to chop.

When engraving, you can set it at zero. However, whereas reducing, you can set the laser module to focus on the middle of the workpiece. Note that while adjusting the laser focus too deep into the fabric, the laser defense can be in contact with the workpiece and drag alongside.

Controller and Electronics


Limit Switches

On xTool D1, there are four proximity restrict switches alongside the XY axes to detect if the laser head touches any of the four frames. This lets you work with absolute coordinates.

The restrict switches are positioned on each end of the axes. When the laser head comes too near the switches, it prompts an alarm.

Stepper Motors


LightBurn is a paid software program appropriate for CAD, CAM, and Control operations. You can set it up on Windows, Mac, or Linux OS programs.

The proprietary software program from xtool solely has restricted options, but it helps WiFi connectivity with xTool D1. As of now, LightBurn doesn’t assist WiFi connectivity with xTool D1 Pro.

Assembly of xTool D1 Pro

I assembled my machine in about 20 minutes, and connecting it with the software program took another 2 — Three minutes.


The hex keys, screws, zip ties, screwdriver, etc. It will turn out to be useful when assembling the machine.
Once the machine is assembled, you can check the machine’s efficiency on the pattern supplies supplied with xTool D1 Pro.


Rotary Axis

xTool RA2 Pro for D1 Pro/D1 + Risers (8 Packs)

  • Shipping in 1–3 business days from local warehouses for US orders
  • Roller Rotary/Chuck Rotary/Sphere Rotary/Ring Rotary
  • Support irregular cylinders, tumbler, mug with handle
  • Compatible with xTool D1/D1 Pro, LightBurn & LaserGRBL
  • Pre-assembled, Metal design and easy to use

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xTool D1 Pro Extension Kit

xTool D1 Pro/D1 Extension Kit

  • Shipping in 1–3 business days for US orders
  • The bundle will be shipped separately
  • Increased to 200% Engraving Area:936*432mm (36.85'’*17'’)
  • Doubling the Processed Materials
  • Highly Accurate and Stable, Still
  • Designed for Large-sized Creations

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xTool D1 Pro Air Assist Set

Laser machines with air helps reduce the burn density on the surfaces, thereby stopping discoloration.

xTool D1 Pro/D1 Air Assist Set

  • Shipping in 1–3 business days
  • Get clean & clear edge during engraving and cutting
  • Blowing away smoke & residue, improve cutting ability
  • Better protection for laser lens
  • Super silent and vibration in operation

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xTool Enclosure

Larger enclosures are for housing xTool D1 Pro machines upgraded with the extension equipment.
It has an in-built exhaust fan and air inlet holes. With it, you can successfully seize and get rid of generated smoke.

xTool Enclosure: foldable and smoke-proof cover

  • Shipping in 1–3 business days for US orders
  • Enclosure Add-on is for customers who had Enclosure and need an upgrade to the max.
  • Enclosure Max will be delivered in two separate packages with the Enclosure and add-on.
  • Suitable for xTool D1/D1 Pro and other laser engraving machines
  • Foldable & Most Portable Enclosure
  • Fire-retardant
  • Efficient Ventilation
  • Protect your safety & health away from smog, noise, dust as well as pungent odor

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xTool Honeycomb Working Panel

xTool Honeycomb Working Panel Set for D1 Pro/D1

  • Shipping in 1–3 business days
  • Get neat and clean cutting & engraving results
  • Protect the desktop from laser damage
  • Large Size 19.68 x 19.68 inch

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xToolCare for D1 Pro

  • 2 warranty events cover the machine failure and damage during normal use or due to an accident.
  • 2-way free shipping gets your faulty machine repaired hassle-free.
  • 12h quick response to all your software and hardware problems.
  • 1-on-1 expert service makes you feel at ease.
  • 12 months effective warranty period after your standard warranty expires.

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Community of Xtool

Customer Support

  • D1 Pro is a product of Makeblock, a robotics firm based mostly in China. It is launched below their laser model “xTool.”
  • For their laser machines, Makeblock gives aftersales assistance to the shoppers via their employees at xTool.
  • On the client assist entrance, xTool presents an excellent service to their clients with detailed reference assets, technical guides, and extra.
  • They additionally supply D1 Pro with a guarantee of 12 months. For queries, you can contact them by way of e-mail. Details can be found on their contact us webpage.

Testing xTool D1 Pro 20W Laser

Engraving on Plywood

Very good stability between pace and accuracy could be around 12,000 mm/min and 90% energy. When engraving on wooden or plywood, it’s best to do it without air help.

Cutting 6mm Ply

Without the air helps, the identical reduction wants about four passes; however, the edges will get charred. If you go too gradual with air help, it can trigger some charring and burns.
So the easiest way is to do it at excessive speeds and extra passes.

Cutting 5mm Pine

It may reduce it to Three passes; however, the exhausting grains on the wooden are troublesome to chop for a laser, so it wanted four passes to chop via the exhausting grains.
I used 30 psi air help to make the cuts, giving me a clear edge.

Engraving and Cutting Glass

I used to be additionally capable of almost reducing via the 4mm thick glass at 20 mm/min in a single move, the laser didn’t reduce throughout, but it surely reduced 3/four of how and I used to be capable of breaking it off.

Engraving Aluminum

While engraving aluminum, there have been completely different color shades current initially; however, they quickly pale away after a few days, and all the engravings at completely different powers have almost identical colors.

The fabric and the surroundings determine the color of the engraving, so the shortage of color can’t be attributed to xTool D1 Pros skills.

Engraving Stainless Steel Knife

The engraving additionally had completely different color shades at completely different components on the blade, so it appears color engraving on metallic is feasible with xTool D1 Pro 20W.

Pros and Cons of xTool D1 Pro

  • Metal Grey 20W
  • 10mm Basswood Cuts
  • Up to 400mm/s Working
  • Speed to Increase Your Productivity
  • Finer Details by Ultra-fine Compression Spot
  • Higher Accuracy


  • Not good cutting without air assist
  • You can use xTool Enclosure for safety.

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xTool D1 Pro vs. xTool D1 — What Changed?

TypeXtool D1 ProXtool D1Laser power20W / 10W / 5W10W / 5WLaser focus spot0.08 x 0.1mm0.08 x 0.15mmMaximum work area430 x 390 mm432 x 396mmMaximum speed24,000mm/min10000mm/minLimit switchesYesNoFlame detectionYesNoGyroscopeYesNoAdjustable air nozzleYesNoColorGolden Red / Metal GreyMetal GreyPrice~$1,170~$700comparison of xTool D1 Pro & xTool D1

The xTool’s D1 Pro is obtainable in its all-new pink and basic gray colors. However, xTool D1 solely has the grey mannequin obtainable.

Both fashions will be purchased with a 10W or 5W module. However, these are usually not identical laser modules. The ones that include xTool D1 have a laser spot measurement of 0.08 x 0.1 mm, whereas the upgraded modules on xTool Pro supply a spot measurement of 0.08 x 0.06 mm.

You can get the xTool D1 Pro mannequin with a 20W laser module. Interestingly, xTool additionally presents the 20W laser module utilized in Pro as an improvement to xTool D1.

Unfortunately, you possibly can’t get it with the xTool D1 laser machine, and you will have to buy it individually. If you achieve this, you may find yourself with two laser modules.

The regular D1 mannequin of xTool is priced at ~$700, and its 20W diode laser module for xTool D1 is priced at~$600. On the whole, it will probably value you around ~1,300 or extra, whereas the 20W model of xTool D1 Pro solely prices $1,170.

In addition to a high-powered laser, D1 Pro has restricted switches and security options like flame, shake detection, and alarm. So when in comparison with xTool D1, xTool D1 Pro is feature-rich and would be the most suitable option.

Full Specification of xTool D1 Pro

Final opinion

xTool D1 Pro is an efficient selection for hobbyists and small/medium-level companies. The xTool D1 Pro is a superb asset for anybody who doesn’t have the house or the finances to purchase giant CO2 laser machines.

xTool D1 Pro

  • $699.99
<strong>xTool D1 Pro</strong>


xTool D1 Pro

  • $759.99
<strong>xTool D1 Pro</strong>


xTool D1 Pro

  • $1,199.99
<strong>xTool D1 Pro</strong>


xTool D1 Pro

  • $669.99
<strong>xTool D1 Pro</strong>


xTool D1 Pro

  • $1020.46
<strong>xTool D1 Pro</strong>


Frequently Asked Questions

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What to do when the machine resonates in high-speed mode?

Why does the 10W laser head emit neither blue nor red light?

Why does the laser protective lens gets dirty?




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